Pittogramma linee

Mechanical design and high cognitive added value, changing packaging design philosophy.

Mechanical creatures with an high mechatronic, hydraulic, electronic, oleodynamic, electrotechnical and thermodynamic intelligence content. Their design has all the beauty of the original function – part of the verb “to pack”; just one mission – to achieve the fi nest-looking, most efficient, best protected and safest packages in the world; the strength of the  pefect, solid and stable material. Designed to complete the technological, operational and logistic organization of the production plant. Chosen by the world’s leading companies.

cover packaging lines 1

Designed and built for one of the largest and most prestigious paper mills in South America, it is the most complete line ever made. With squaring device, dust removal device, top sheet device, shrink wrapping machine, fi lm edge tucking device, shrinking oven and vertical strapping band with compression.

cover packaging lines 2

Designed and built for a steel industry in Russia, the packaging line for aluminum ingots uses both PET and steel strapping.

cover packaging lines 3

Designed and built for a manufacturing hub in Asia, it is a new-concept magnetic induction line with exceptionally high package/hour output rate.

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Packaging Lines

The Packaging Lines are conceived and designed for the leading manufacturers of different production and logistics sectors. They represent the most innovative part of automation systems, the more structured one in terms of functions, machines  models and service equipment, the most specialized one; each packaging line reveals  production and logistics policy choices, work strategies and inventory management. The complexity of the solutions, the size and location of the plants are a special heritage of experience and expertise, specialized know-how prefiguring new and infinite solutions.

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