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Strapping Band, Machines, Packaging Lines, Made in Italy

The production of strapping band, machines and packaging lines is totally made in Italy, in the Marche Region - at the center of a historic district of the mechanics and automation linked to packaging developing by the Via Emilia to the Adriatic coast; the center of research and development consists of engineers and specialized technicians who come from schools and Universities with which agreements and partnerships are developed for the training and recruitment of the best human capital.


The heart of the production, the Research&Development Center, the headquarters are in central Italy on the Adriatic Sea, in a historic manufacturing district of machinery, engines and applied electronics.

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Yesterday, today, tomorrow


In 1980, Maurizio Messersì - the visionary founder who still guides the company today – saw the future. There begins a long history of solutions for the industrial packaging made of strapping band, machines and packaging lines. First with strapping band- PET and PP – among the leaders in Europe with a production of 30 million kilometers per month / 360 million per year, 60 times around the world. Huge quantities, joint to the total quality of the entire production process - from the selection and control of raw material virgin and non-virgin, to plants and production technologies, configurations and embossing up to the top packaging solution designed according to the best ergonomics and manageability. Sustainability is another pillar; 2/3 of recycled material and only 1/3 of virgin material becomes strapping band for the market. Currently, Messersì’s strapping band is totally sustainable - 100% sustainable and recyclable. It is innovative on color and graphics personalization and on performances if compared to the endless packaging applications. 

 Producing strapping band and understand the issues and opportunities of mechanics was a whole, so the automation sector was developed, at the beginning with the production of machines and lines capable synergistically to propose solutions. Today, the company designs and manufactures industrial automation systems with machines and lines for each end of line, of any industrial and logistics sector, for any merchandise and packaging, anywhere in the world. Pursuant to a mix of knowledge and skills that cross advanced mechanics with interdisciplinary content ranging from robotics to mechatronics, from electronic to hydraulics, from electrotechnics to thermodynamics. The strapping band has marked the culture of quality, service, orientation to flexibility, to customization, to sustainability, while the in depth knowledge of the packaging of the end of line brought to find the best packaging solutions to storage, handle and transport packages of every types and every sizes.


Maurizio Messersì is the founder and the managing director of the company. He shares the governance with the second generation - the daughters Francesca and Marina- and with Massimiliano Ubertini and Gabriele Tittarelli. With them a professional and managerial network that guides the design and production processes, organization and service. Headquarter in Barbara, Marche, Italy.

Messersì's world in the world

Operating in more than 60 countries with an export share of over 70%

Messersi Packaging, today one of the most important brand of Made in Italy related to packaging and industrial automation, operates in more than 60 countries, with an export share of over 70%, sales and after-sales services in all continents.


Customer at the center H24.

A strategic centrality guaranteed anywhere in the world, thanks to a network of timely, effective and reliable online and offline support. Quality and performance of the product lines, process efficiency, effectiveness of service with any packaging system and industrial plant define every step of the internal chain of customer satisfaction.

Chain of internal sustainability.

The production of strapping band, machines and packaging lines faces the challenge of sustainability in terms of energy savings and material savings to create a package that manages to reconcile - during storage and handling - maximum safety with minimum impact in terms of costs and absorption of resources.

Incorporate environmental challenge manufacturing machines and enhance sustainability contents of the strapping band is a circular process of building the value that feeds itself with research and technology transfer among applications, sectors, markets, regulations. An intrinsic internal sustainability chain that operates on energy costs of transportation and material.

Corporate social responsibility.

Quality, innovation and sustainability to build the perfect package; the one packed with the correct and necessary amount of strapping band or film to guarantee stability, safety and durability in every logistics condition.

An integrated system for industrial end-of-line packaging

The solution as a philosophy

Messersì Packaging is a design, production and service platform processing turnkey solutions. An integrated production system - strapping bands, machines and packaging lines - that has changed the industrial packaging design philosophy and the technological, operating and logistic organization of the production plant. Trust and experience, competence and reliability, quality and innovation of processes and products, make this company a reference point for companies and the most important industrial groups in the world.

Every technology for packaging and logistics

A world of worlds

Messersì Packaging is a world of worlds that develops solutions in all sectors, paper, wood, glass, beverage, building, steel industry... of which it knows the complexity, criticality and opportunities. Solutions means to conceive and produce products and services to create the perfect package of every shape, material, size, texture, fragility, complexity; the well-made, stable, solid, compact, protected, waterproof and safe package. Each package is a perfect story that contains the increased memory of the experiences, solutions and stories and the innovation set by the uniqueness of each system. Each project uses the best technologies applied to strapping machines, wrapping machines, shrinking machines and hooding machines; each package travels on efficient lines and LVA regulated by software and control systems synchronized and coordinated in dialogue with each production system, according to all safety procedures and certifications.

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