Designed and built for a large Italian paper mill, the system is flexible to all packaging needs; from different size packs, to those without pallets, from the film edge tucking device to the one for edge boards for two or four sides.

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#soluzioni:cartone ondulato:massima flessibilità dell’imballaggio dettaglio
# Solutions / corrugated cardboard / maximum flexibility of packaging


Packaging line emblematic for the wide possibility of customization and high degree of flexibility to meet any packaging needs of great criticality and delicacy. Through scanning and reading the bar code of the product, the vertical strapping machine identifies the packaging type ideal for each type of product. A smart press device suits different types of package and allows to create the right compression; the strapping head with movable compensation for controlling the tension of the forces maintains a constant product quality especially for delicate packaging.

Layout ondulato adriatico
Technical characteristics
Automatic vertical strapping machine with compression

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