Paper & Cardboard

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Paper & Cardboard is

papers - paper bags, reams, parcels, corrugated cardboard, rolls, reels.

Paper & Cardboard is

virgin product, recycled materials, natural fibers, sustainable green policies.

Paper & Cardboard is

small, medium, large and jumbo-sized formats.

Paper & Cardboard is

sophisticated, advanced, rapid and reliable plants.

Paper & Cardboard is

a perfect, waterproof, stable and compact package.

Paper & Cardboard is

a world of worlds.

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"All over the world, the paper and cardboard sector is undergoing major changes. Messersì Packaging has the answer."

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Messersì Packaging conceives, designs and manufactures machines and packaging lines for the paper and cardboard industry.

Wrapping machines

protect the package with stretch film and make it water proof, damp proof and dust proof.

The heat shrinking oven

makes the film perfectly adhere to the package, creating the perfect package. Perfect aesthetically and functionally; perfect for handling; perfect for safety and security and for protection against atmospheric agents and deterioration.

Case histories

Some of the most important projects designed for leading manufacturers of the paper and corrugated sector. The complexity of the systems, the innovation of the solutions and the sizes of the installations makes these experiences, among the others, particularly significant.

Case history 1

#1 Designed and manufactured in 2014 for one of the largest and most prestigious paper mills in South America, this palletized paper packaging line is the most complete end-of-line system we have ever made, a “BestPractice“. With squaring device, dust removal device, top sheet device, shrink wrapping machine, film edge tucking device, shrinking oven, press and dual shuttle unloading line.

Case history 2

#2 Designed and built for a large Italian paper mill, the system is flexible to all packaging needs; from different size packs, to those without pallets, from the film edge tucking device to the one for edge boards for two or four sides. A smart press device suits different types of package and allows to create the right compression; the strapping head with movable compensation for controlling the tension of the forces maintains a constant product quality especially for delicate packaging.

A world, of worlds.
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