Customized solutions

Custom designed for the industry

The flexibility and customization policies provide solutions consistent with the production and logistic strategies of each client: all machines and packaging lines are designed for progressive customization. The quality guide lines ensure safety of machinery, constant monitoring, specific assistance, plant reliability, and systems efficiency.


Project culture

Quality, innovation, research to build every time the perfect package.

The study of each sector, the survey on all problems, the listening to every need, the understanding of each issue, the accompaniment of every relationship means to face every challenge; product, process, service. It means seeing in every problem an opportunity, a potential solution, unexpected innovation, an increase of quality and performance.


Customer care H24

Before strapping band, machines, packaging lines there is relationship, care, attention. Before each solution there is a problem, before each delivery anywhere in the world there is a customer deserving the best service beside the best product. Concept, sales and after-sales, assistance programs and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, online and offline. In the organization manuals and corporate culture it is called customer care, after sales, customer satisfaction; in Barbara it is called trust, attention, responsibility, reliability.