Messersì Packaging: For over thirty years packaging solutions and systems for the automation of industrial lines


Technology for packaging and logistic

Systems for any production, supply chain and logistics; machines and lines that complement the end-line functions.

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Quality, innovation, sustainability

Customized strapping band for the manufacture and service, for the world of industrial production, distribution, logistics.

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Messersì's world

360 million km of strapping band, 500 machines and packaging lines produced every year

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Messersì packaging

For more than forty years packaging solutions and systems for the automation of industrial end lines


Solutions, systems and products in line with the production and logistic strategies of each and every customer.


Quality as a vocation, mission, vision. In every thought, gesture, product, relationship.


Machinery safety, constant monitoring, specific assistance, plant reliability, system efficiency.


Culture of quality and sustainability: green by choice and reputation, up to the challenge of new models of development.


Our focus is on state-of-the-art technology, process innovation and on heightening awareness of our products and services.

Customer first

Customer care, after sale, customer satisfaction. In Barbara they are called trust, attention reliability.


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Our offer


Systems for any production, supply chain and logistics; machines and lines that complement the end-line functions - packaging and storage.

Strapping band and machines, since 1980.

Strapping bands

POLYESTER (PET): Features: high toughness, inalterable in conditions of sudden temperature changes.

POLYPROPYLENE (PP): Features: cheapness, practicality, high toughness, maximum reliability, 100% recyclable

Packaging lines

Your solution, a single point of contact

The complexity of the solutions, the size and location of the plants are a special heritage of experience and expertise, specialized know-how prefiguring new and infinite solutions.

Strapping machines

Velocity, reliability and high performance.

Versatile machines that use strapping band as a packaging material. They are available in different types to fully satisfy the company's needs. They can be integrated into new or existing packaging lines and achievable in many customizable solutions.

Hooding machines

Velocity, saving, safety

Packaging machines that use stretch film as consumable product. The high packaging strength and the machine flexibility for different pallet types and products, make these machines a much-sought solution in the market.

Shrink wrapping machines

Versatility, reliability, practicality

Packaging machines that use shrinking film as consumable product. The hood fits perfectly to the palletized load with a consequent stable and resistant pack.

Wrapping machines

Functionality, simplicity and reliability

Wrapping packaging machines that use stretch film as consumable product. Available in different models, all characterized by high functionality, simplicity and reliability.

Complete solutions

Packaging line
for the glass industry

One of the most important projects designed for a leading manufacturer operating in the glass sector.

The complexity of the system, the innovation of the solution, the sizes of the machines make this experience particularly important, among the others.

packagin-line esempio

Innovation and research are essential for our company, and the technological transfer that derives from collaborations with the University is the premise for maintaining and improving our competitive capacity.

Founder and Sole Director

Messersi Packaging - today one of the most important brands of Made in Italy in packaging and industrial automation - is present in more than 60 countries, with an export share that exceeds 70%, sales and after-sales services on all continents .

The flexibility and customization policies guarantee solutions that are consistent with the production and logistic strategies of each client: all the machines and lines are designed for progressive customizations.

Mechanical creatures with a high content of mechatronic, hydraulic, electronic, hydraulic, electrotechnical, thermodynamic intelligence. Chosen by the most important companies in the world.


Green tech
Green strapping band, greener

Designed for maximum added value in terms of sustainability and energy saving, is the result of research and experience gained by Messersì in different applications and markets.

It is used on all automatic strapping machines, it offers the same performance and promotes a new packaging system without investment. The greater length of the rolls reduces the amount of cardboard cores and reduces the waste of materials; the reduction of downtime optimizes production cycles; the smaller volume of the materials reduces the transport costs and pollution.

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