The project is a best practice achieved in partnership with one of the most important Italian research institutions in the context of an European project. In addition, the magnetic induction - borrowed from the automotive - has allowed to reduce the maintenance and recharging costs thanks to small tracks.

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Once selected the packaging process, the shuttle picks directly from production lines  the product to be packaged up and it is processed according the specifications. The vertical strapping machine puts the edge protector and feed the strapping band through the pallet thanks to a lower retractable guide anchoring the product to the pallet. A wooden top is applied on the top of the pallet to further protect the edges; the wrapping machine packs the product with extensible polyethilene film and  make it waterproof, dump proof and dust proof; the last vertical strapping machine put the wooden runner under the palller and welds the strapping band making a whole stable pack. The line uses the magnetic induction technology for the handling and logistics management; 4 plant islands are connected with Wifi control.

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Technical data
Vertical strapping machine
Wrapping machine with rotating arm
Wooden top dispenser


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