Pittogramma reggia

Strapping band for goods, all kind of goods; strapping band for the manufacture and service, for the world of industrial production, distribution, logistics.

Performing strapping band but ecological, sustainable, recyclable.

Technical innovation

Strength, elongation and weldability according to the sectors and applications.

Cultural innovation

Industrial design, fashion, communication, brand identity - in collaboration with Universities, schools, companies, associations.

Service innovation

Formats and sizes of the box and the roll, packaging system with protective film, handleability of the coil, experimentation with formats, the thickness, configuration, color, graphics.

Our strapping bands


Quantity, quality, product and process innovation: PET (Polyester strapping band) e PP (Polypropylene strapping band)

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applicazioni reggia edilizia
applicazioni reggia edilizia


applicazioni reggia cartone

Paper and cardboard

applicazioni reggia editoria

Publishing and paper

applicazioni reggia logistica


applicazioni reggia legno
applicazioni reggia legno


applicazioni reggia fibre
applicazioni reggia fibre

Natural and artificial fibers

applicazioni reggia siderurgia
applicazioni reggia siderurgia

Steel industry

applicazioni reggia beverage



An innovative packaging system

The protective film that covers the entire width of the roll can be removed without the aid of special tools. It is the ideal solution because:

  • Clears any danger in handling the roll;
  • Eliminates the waste material that closes the coils;
  • Reduces waste disposal in quantity and type;
  • Enables movement of the coil in safety and with maximum stability;
  • Protects the strapping band from the dust on the pallet;
  • Promotes the use on the coil holder with detailed directions and orientation arrows.

Not just plastic

Messersì Packaging, creates the strapping band using recycled plastic. This plastic can come from the sea, because it is supplied to it by other companies with which it collaborates that recover plastic dispersed in the seas, or from the recycling of waste. ! The strapping band continues to hold the important things together, cycle after cycle, without ever being wasted. Always the same, but always different!



Exports markets

61.000 sqm

Operating surface, logistics and management

30.000.000 km

Of strapping band produced in a month


Km of strapping band produced every year

72 t

Tons of raw material per day

22.000 t

Tons of raw material each year




First PP strapping band production line


Began the production of strapping machines


First PET strapping band production line


The PET strapping band customization began


The Green Tech production began


Greater efficiency and modernization of all production lines

qualita reggia
qualita reggia
qualita reggia
qualita reggia

Total quality

Research and development on materials, equipment, production technology, configurations of the embossing. Control and selection of the best raw material, virgin and non-virgin. Total quality is certified. To enhance product performance, procedures efficiency and service effectiveness with any packaging system and industrial plant.