Shrink wrapping machines

Shrink wrapping machines pack the product with the shrink film thanks to a process of heat shrinkage

Shrink wrapping machines, suitable for packing palletized products, provide stability as well as good protection from atmospheric agents.

Packaging takes place in three stages: the shrink film is prepared and cut to measure, the machine places it round the material to be packaged, the combined – electric or gas-fired – oven causes the film to shrink, and thus to adhere perfectly to both the product and the pallet.

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Shrink wrapping machines pack the product with the shrink film thanks to a process of heat shrinkage.


SH77 Combined shrink wrapping machine

The SH77 shrink wrapping machine is a combined machine that uses a single work station to perform the hooding and heat-shrinking operations of the product to be packaged.

 The SH77 type automatic hooding machine uses a coil of heat-shrinkable tubular film with side bellows. In the different versions, up to three film reels can be reached.

 The film is heat-shrunk on the product by means of a gas-powered ring oven; all functions are controlled by a PLC that manages the automatic and manual operations.


SH77 Combined shrink wrapping machine

The machine combines and synchronizes three distinct and independent phases in a single cycle - tubular bag preparation, hooding and shrinking - and articulates them in a single synchronized cycle that minimizes the downtime of the various devices and guarantees high levels of productivity. These cycle phases are normally performed during the phase of entering the new product to be packaged in the machine or parallel to the common cycle phases, therefore they do not affect the machine cycle time.

 An inflation system, installed on the clamps, facilitates the hooding of the film on the pack. The shrinking arch is separated from the hooding unit, this to allow an optimal shrinking of the film on the product thanks to the possibility of keeping the hood in the correct position at the base of the pallet and for the right time necessary to allow a perfect attachment of the film on the pallet thanks also to the overturning of the clamps towards the inside, to allow a shrinking of the film at the base of the product.

 The ignition of the oven heaters is intermittent, they light up only when the hooded product is ready for the heat-shrinking cycle. The duration of ignition is determined both by the size of the pack and by the thickness of the film (80 / 200My), this allows a reduced consumption of gas, suitable only for the time for the shrinking of the film on the product. Each individual heater is equipped with an electronic flame control device to guarantee correct operation; if any anomaly occurs, the oven switches off automatically and the gas supply is immediately blocked, thus preventing the package from being damaged or the unburned gas from escaping into the environment. This particular type of air vein burner works with a particular supply of combustion air, which guarantees excellent flame stability, regardless of the gas flow rate.

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