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Turnkey solutions for the ceramic industry

Packaging line conceived and made specifically for the ceramic sector represents an emblematic interpretation of the future of packaging for this sector. 


The combination of strapping, hooding and shrinking that applies four edge protector to the package makes the product stable and protected, ready to be moved and stored safely. The packaging system provides horizontal and vertical strapping operations with compaction. The hood for protection against atmospheric agents and shrink wrapping system to ensure maximum mechanical seal. The pallet is centered on the transport by an electromechanical device that moves it to the horizontal strapping machine, this machine applies edge protectors and three horizontal straps. The vertical machine with rotating table allows to rotate the product to make the straping operation fixing the product to the pallet. At the same time, the hooding machine places the tubular film on the product and, lastly, the oven with four latest generation gas-fired air blowers performs the heat shrinking process and completely wraps the pallet thanks to the hydraulic lift.

Technical data
Horizontal strapping machine with 4-sided compactor and edge protector device
Vertical strapping machine with rotating table
Hooding machine
Heat shrinking oven with hydraulic lift


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