Systems for all types of manufacturing, logistics and supply chains, machines and lines that complete the end-of-line functions – packaging and storage. Anything and everything means bricks, pineapples, tiles, bottles, cartons, engines, reels of paper and steel, boxes, cans.

And more... is

Textile, furniture, plastic materials, appliances, hay, iron and steel, automotive.

Linea Continuus Properzi
Linea Continuus Properzi
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Messersì Packaging conceives, designs and manufactures machines and packaging lines for each sector. Messersì is every packaging technology.

Strapping machines, hooding machines, wrapping machines and shrink wrapping machines.

Hooding machines

Pack the product with the stretch film that adheres to the millimeter and creates the perfect package. Aestheticlly and functionally perfect, perfect for handling logistics, ideal for the safety and protection from external agents and deterioration.

Shrink wrapping machines

pack the product with the shrinking film, that, through a process of heat-shrinkage, adheres millimetrically to the product and creates the perfect package. Perfect for the logistics handling, perfect for the external protection from agents and deterioration, perfect for aviding any rubbing and damage.

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