Pittogramma vetro
Glass is

hollow glass - bottles, jars, phials, glasses, goblets.

Glass is

flat glass - plates, safety glasses, laminated, curved.

Glass is

technologically advanced, efficient, fast and reliable plants.

Glass is

a perfect, waterproof, stable, compact package.

Glass is

a world of worlds.


"All over the world, the glass industry is undergoing major changes. Messersì Packaging has the answer."

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Messersì Packaging conceives, designs and manufactures machines and packaging lines for the glass industry.

Strapping machines

compress, compact and stabilize the package.

Wrapping machines

protect the package with extensible film and make it water proof, dump proof and dust proof. 

Combined shrink hooding machines

pack the product with shrinking film which, through a heat shrinkage process, adheres millimetrically and creates the perfect package. Aesthetically and functionally perfect, perfect for handling, perfect for safety and for  protection.

Case histories

Some of the most important projects designed for leading manufacturers operating in the glass sector. The complexity of the systems, the innovation of the solutions, the sizes of the machines make these experiences particularly important, among the others.

Case history 1

#1 Designed and made for a great Italian glassware industry, the packaging line use a system with combined hooding machine. The packaging process takes place without lifting, minimizing the risks of overturning and damaging the bottles during the production stages. The film positioning occurs with 4 clamps to guarantee a perfect hook to the edge of the pallet. The system is designed to break down the gap between the hood and the product promoting safety and compactness and obviously film and energy savings during the packaging production.

Case history 2

#2 The system has been designed and built for a large glasswork industry in North America. lt can be considered a decisive asset for the reorganization of production and logistic departments of the company. The passage from the wrapping by the winding stretch film to the shrink one has allowed the company to enter in new export markets with a package that guarantees maximum safety especially to brittle materials such as the glass. The combined system allows to make packages resistant, protected, and compact suitable for big movements. long journeys and transport by container, guaranteeing energy saving during the packaging production.

Case history 3

#3 Lines designed for European and South American companies involved in the production of hollow glass; the following pictures show the phases of the packaging process.

A world, of worlds.
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