Less than 20 kg weight; 30 seconds the replacement time. It is small and lightweight; its small size facilitates the dismantling, replacement and maintenance. It is the strapping head MS20 simple, efficient and essential, designed and built for maximum reliability and functionality. 

testa ms310
testa ms310


Tensioning up to 150 kg, this strapping head uses the heat seal system for the strapping band junction; the constituent groups are inside a strong frame (aluminium made) whereas the belt and the transmission system are placed in a separate compartment protected from possible industrial dust, the belt and the drive system are located in a separate compartment protected from industrial dust; the carter ensures the protection of various parts

Technical Data
Strapping band junction Thermo-welding system
Installed electrical power 0,55 kW
Suitable strapping band PET/PP width 8 ÷ 12 mm
Welding cycle time from 1,2 to 3 sec (according to tensioning)
Strapping band tensioning Up to 150 kg
Supplied voltage 230 V
Feeding speed 2,5-5,5 m/sec
Recovering speed 2,5-5,5 m/sec
Tensioning speed 0,25 m/sec
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