The automatic stretch Hooder machine MH3 uses only one workstation to pack the product by hooding with stretch film equipped with side bellows, without the aid of heat sources. 

cover incappucciatrici - mh3
cover incappucciatrici - mh3


The automatic stretch Hooder machine MH3 uses only one workstation to pack the product by hooding with stretch film equipped with side bellows, without the aid of heat sources. 

The elasticicty of the hood garantees extreme stability, reduces costs thanks to the use of a thin film, does not require the use of gas for shirnking and protects the packages from external events. In the different versions it can use up to three reels of equal size with automatic change, or three reels of different sizes. The optionals include dedicated conveyor and lifting system, a solution for the better reinforcement of the film under the pallet. 

How does it work the Automatic Stretch Hooder MH3. 

Our automatic stretch Hooder machine MH3, which represents a new concept of goods protection, has an operation as simple as safe, the equivalent to performance and strength tipical of all Messersì Packaging products. 

The machine receives the products to be wrapped by the entering conveyor, the pack must be centered crosswise to the direction fo the motion; the product, on the dedicated conveyor of the machine, must be stopped centered under the hooding machine. 

An electronic control is provided to avoid collisions of the hooding arc with the product in the event that it presents protrusions or in case it turns out accedentally out of shape. 

Basically, the machine cycle can be divided into two main phases. These cycle phases are normally carried out during the phase of introduction into the stretch hooder machine MH3 of the new product to be wrapped or parallelly to the phases of the common cycles, therefore they not influence the machine cycle time. 

First phase – Preparation of the hood 

The preparation of the hoods take place in the upper part of the stretch hooder machine by using a particular system of special rollers that unwind the film. The reel begins the unwinding and, to optimize the film consumption, the sizes of the hood are automatically established by an external reading system of the machine itself (Optional). 

The welding and cutting unit prepares the hood by welding and subsequently cutting the film. Once prepared, the hood is transported by the mechanical gripping system; the opening of the hood in tubular happens by the transversal and longitudinal movement of the four clamps, synchronized and electronically controlled. 

Second phase – Application of the hood 

Once the required mechanical opening has been reached, the clamps model the correct inlet rectangle of the hood on the product and apply it on the pack by descending the arch, positioning it up to the base of the pallet. 

The mechanical transmissions of the vertical movements of the hooding machine are by chain, with anti-fall control system of the moving group. The dedicated converyor made for the stretch hooder machine is normally specific for it, it can be equipped with a lifting 

Stretch Hooder MH3 schema tecnico
Technical data
Suitable film: stretching polyethilene
Film thickness: 80 - 140 micron
Power supplied: 400V trifase - 50 Hz
Installed power: 11 kW
Air pressure: 6 bar
Air consumption: 50 Nl/cycle
Incappucciamento mediante MH3

What the stretch hood machine is and the sector of use 

The stretch hood, also known as elastic hood packaging technology, thanks to the obvious advantages it guarantees in terms of load stability and safety, is expanding widely in all industrial sectors. 

The packaging process with an elastic hood, made possible by hooding machines such as our Stretch Hooder MH3, takes advantage of all the elasticity of these particular tubular films which, unrolled from their special reels, are cut and tensioned by the same reels. 

As we explained previously, the product to be packed is covered by the film under tension, which is positioned on the lowest part of the pallet and thanks to its great elastic properties, once released around the load, it will perfectly adapt to the goods because it will try to return to its original shape, creating a packaging, hood, firm and strong. 

This is a vanguard goods protection new concept, that will allow to wrap faster and using less material, also guaranteeing a waterproof and weather resistant hood, ideal for storing goods even outdoors or for transport on open trucks. Here below some of the principal properties of the stretch hood

  • Resistence to the laceration and sting 
  • Slipperiness
  • Great elasticity 
  • Clamping force 

The tightness of the packaging is better as well as the stability of the load, which makes this technology really optimal and usable in numerous areas of intensive use, such as: 

  • Building industry (ceramics, sanitary, bricks, marble, adhesives, cements, calcium and plaster) 
  • Chemical industry (granules, colors and varnishes, fertilizers, compos) 
  • Food industry (cereals, flours, animal feed) 
  • Beverage industry (mineral waters, soft drinks, fruit juices, beer, wine) 
  • Appliance industry 

Furthermore, the elastic hood is particularly suitable for palletizing products for which the passage through shrinking ovens or the use of open flame is not recommended. 

Funzionalità di MH3 - corpo centrale

Central body consisting of two steel movable crosspieces pliers holders moved by recirculating ball guides. 

Horizontal structure for welding bar and cutting device with FESTO cylinder 

Stretch Hooder MH3 - arco di incappucciamento

Four brushed steel pliers with Vulkan film collection wheels 

Bellow opening unit electromechanically and pneumatically controlled 

Hooding arc driven by gearmotor via inverter 

Automatic film height and size reader via sonar and cameras 

Macchina incappucciatrice MH3 - portabobine

Single or multi-format reel holder with a maximum diameter of 800 mm equipped with an end of reel signaling device 

Macchina incappucciatrice MH3 - quadro di gestione

Electric control panel commanded by PLC with touch screen 

All the machines produced by Messersì Packaging are compliant in terms of safety and health protection, both with the requirements of the “Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC” and with the HARMONIZED reference standards. 

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