Infinetely 35

1980-2015. 35 infinite years.

15 February 2017

Stories of objects, machines, packages, boxes, pallets.

Wrapped, protected, sealed, shipped, packed, tied up, tested, preserved.

Investments, projects, meetings, studies, tests, patents, experiences, travel, worlds.

35 years of passions, intelligences and knowledge, with special men and women.

The thanks of Maurizio Messersì is to his community came to Barbara from around the world, to the Authorities, to the mayors of Barbara and Serra de’ Conti, to entrepreneurs, to the employees and their families.

A long day of celebration, words, sports, toast, awards, thoughts, gestures. 

The ride along the Misa Valley, from Barbara to Senigallia with the World champion Francesco Moser,  the enterprise culture that makes communities with Valentina Marchesini, contemporary project that recognizes and regenerates materials with Cristiano Toraldo di Francia and the students of the Faculty of Architecture of Camerino, the institutions, with the President of Marche Region, Luca Ceriscioli and the one of ANCI Marche, Maurizio Mangialardi.

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Dove e quando

Location: Barbara (AN), Italy

Day: 31 October 2015