Messersì Packaging partner of Fiorini International Spa, a leading European group in paper processing for the production of industrial packaging.  

Linea per l'industria della carta
Packaging Line for the paper industry
macchina reggiatrice
Sovrappositore di pallet
#solutions/paper bags/automated warehouse with double pallet overlapped


The packaging line conceived for the impressive automated warehouse of the company from Marche Region. It develops on an articulated shuttle system that regulates the logistics of materials at the end of a packing process in several phases. First the centering, then the crossed strapping, finally the output of the pallet that is lifted and positioned in the specific area. The unique feature of the packaging system is the fact that the packages are overlapped and strapped together. The complexity of the system is given by various factors: the type of product to be packed, the double level to be stable and compact, the guarantee of great care in product logistics - in storage and handling.

Technical Data
Vertical strapping machine with vertical compression
Stacking device
Centering device


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