Pittogramma edilizia
Building is

Ceramics, bricks, shingles and concrete blocks

Ceramics is

tiles, sheets, coverings

Masonry is

bricks, flooring blocks, roof tiles

Shingles are

the marseillaise, the portuguese, the roman, the dutch, the tile edge, double wave, the tile roof tile, antique items; the monocoppo, items ridge and ridge end, ventilation accessories, profiles, avalanche, the duevie trevie and quattrovie.

Building is

small, medium, large formats, colors, thickness.

Edilizia è

impianti sofisticati, performanti, veloci, affidabili.

Building is

outside storage, extreme weather conditions - rain, wind, snow, severe weather, permanent UV radiation, transport and logistics in hostile environments; critical to the contrast and rubbing.

Building is

a perfect, waterproof, stable and compact package.

cover edilizia

”All over the world the building sector is undergoing major changes. Messersì Packging has the answer!"

Messersì Packaging conceives, designs and manufactures machines and complete lines for the construction industry.

Hooding machines

protect the package with stretch film, hood, stabilize and make it water proof, damp proof and dust proof.

Самые актуальные проекты

Case histories

  • Some of the most important machines and packaging lines designed for leading manufacturers of the building sector. The complexity of the systems, the innovation of the solutions, the size of the installations makes these experiences, among the others, particularly significant.

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