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Beverage is

Fruit boxes, cans, jars, lids, cartons, tetrapack

Beverage is

cans, bottles, cartons.

Beverage is

technologically advanced, efficient, fast and reliable plants; it is high productivity in terms of package per hour.

Beverage is

airtight storage, dust proof during storage and handling.

Beverage is

a perfect, waterproof, stable and compact package.

Beverage is

small, medium, large sizes; it is alluminum, glass, cardboard.

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"All over the world, the beverage sector is undergoing major changes. Messersì Packaging has the answer."

Messersì Packaging conceives, designs and manufactures machines and packaging lines for the beverage sector.

Combined shrink hooding machine

protect the package with shrinking film, shrink it and stabilize it in order to make it water proof, dust proof and dump proof. 

Самые актуальные проекты

Case histories

  • Some of the most important projects designed for leading manufacturers operating in the beverage sector. The complexity of the systems, the innovation of the solutions, the sizes of the machines make these experiences particularly important, among the others.

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