Packaging Line designed and built for one of the largest and most prestigious paper mills in South America: it is the most complete line ever made before.

Linea suzano
Linea suzano
Linea suzano
#solutions/reams/the most complete solution in the biggest paper factory of South America


Equipped with a squaring device, used to center and square the pack on transportation, dust removal with highly effective vacuum system to remove any dust from the pallet. This packaging line is composed of double reel top sheet device, two vertical wrapping machines with two motorized reels for firmly wrapping the pack with the shrink film and film edge tucking device for eliminate the exceeding film. The shrinking process by the heat shrinking oven, fueled by natural gas or LPG as required, ensures millimeter adhesion of the film to the pack, a vertical compactor complete the operations and creates the perfect packaging. The entire line is equipped with  LGV moving packages along the line for further handling.

layout suzano
Technical data
Squaring device
Dust removal device
Top sheet device
Vertical wrapping machines
Film edge tucking device
Shrinking oven
Linea suzano


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