The line consisting of centering device, double reelsheet dispenser, lateral wrapping machines AV2, edge shaper, heat-shrinking oven, a press to compact the product - maximizes performance by acting in two directions: on the one hand it reduces the use of the film by more than 40%, and on the other by virtue of a special mechanic system, it allows to create a packaging without structural failures, in any logistic condition - storage or handling. 

Soluzioni per l'industria della carta
Soluzioni per l'industria della carta
Soluzioni per l'industria della carta
# solutions/paper/ perfect packaging with cost reduction for packaging material


In the heat-shrinking phase, in fact, the press promotes the complete escape of any air residue between the layers of the pack, and thus in the cooling of the film a total and monolithic seal of the product is obtained. The phases that follow each other - heat shrinking with consequent cooling and pressing, and the use of a single sheet - guarantee total compactness without fragility points. To complete the line, there is a labeling machine – conceived by the R&D department of Messersì Packaging- prepared for A3 and A4 formats on one or more sides that recognizes each package traceability, history and destination. The machine uses a gluing device with hot glue that guarantees its tightness. The system is able to cope with any production variability, in terms of size and type of pack - obtains the objective of creating a high performance packaging for unmatched mechanical and aesthetic strength, and thanks to content and optimized use of the material also leads to considerable savings.

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Technical data
Centering device
Double reelsheet dispenser
Lateral wrapping machines
Edges shaper
Heat shrinking machines
Press machine


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