The heat shrinking oven, FG120, is equipped with 4 gas burners allowing a perfect and homogeneus heat shrinking process to protect the package against bad weather conditions and seepage.

Fg120 con cappa


The heat shrinking oven FG120 represents the latest technological solution in the packaging industry, as it combines high productivity and low consumptions. It is fitted with four last generation gas burners based on hot air blowing process, which ensure outstanding production versatility, as well as a perfect and uniform product wrapping (with heat-shrinking film), thus protecting it against severe weather conditions and seepage. To improve the production stability, the machine can be fitted with a special pallet lifting device combined with a vacuum system which allow a reliable film clamping on the bottom side of the pallet. The design and manufacturing criteria adopted, allow an easy installation of this machine within already existing productive lines.

Technical data
Production capacity: 120 pallets/hour
Film thickness: 80-200 micron
Installed power: 5,5 Kw
Power supply: 400 Volts three-phase 50 Hz
Machine weight: 1800 kg
Suitable gas: Methane/GPL
Gas pressure: 200 Mbar
Heating power: Max 320 Kw
Gas consumption/cycle: 0.15 m³/cycle
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