Messersi Packaging has conceived a system able to create a compact package, with the film that adheres perfectly to the bottles, isolates them from the outside and from any hostile environmental condition. The use of the hood gurantees a faster and more effective heat-shrinking process, stability, safety and savings but also aesthetic care of the package in all logistic contexts. This line is the ideal format for the world of glass, with a composition that includes a heat-shrinking machine - SH 51 with 2 columns or SH 77 with 4 columns - top pal, squaring and labeling machine.

linea Ardagh
linea Ardagh
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etichettatrice Ardagh
# solutions / bottles / sealing, safety, savings


The packaging process takes place with the use of the SH51 heat-shrinking machine, a high quality product with features that guarantee many and different advantages at the same time: high productivity - the 3-step system allows  to always have the hood ready when the product arrives ; film saving - the 4 grippers gripping the film during the pre-shrinking stage  with a minimum perimeter, a guarantee of excellent aesthetics and exceptional mechanical strength; gas savings - the very low film excess allows the burners to move faster and for a shorter time.

To the combined machine a labeling machine is added, fast in movement, with brushless motors, precise in the times and positioning of the labels. The press stabilizes the package and an effective gluing device guarantees its application and sealing.

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Labelling machine
Combined shrink hooding machine
Squaring device
Top pal
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