Packaging Line designed and manufactured for a large Italian glassware using a system with horizontal strapping and combined hood machines.

magazzino vetro
vetreria piegarese
vetreria piegarese
vetreria piegarese
#solutions/ bottles/safe packaging without lifting


The entire packing process takes place without lifting to minimize the risk of overturning and damaging the product during all stages of packaging. The horizontal strapping stabilizes each layer of bottles present on the pallet; the combined machines puts  the shrink-wrap film with 4 grippers to ensure perfect fit to the edge of the pallet before the shrinking process created with the innovative ring-shaped hot air generator system. The line combines and synchronizes separate phases, minimizes the downtime of the various devices and ensures high levels of productivity. This system cuts off the gap between the hood and the product and promotes safety and compactness,  film saving and  energy saving when packing is produced.

vetreria piegares layout
Technical characteristics
Horizontal strapping machine
Combined hooding machine


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