For this partner Messersì has designed three packaging lines; these lines are the ideal format for the glass sector with the bottles and containers merged and perfectly isolated from any external contact.

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zignago vetro
zignago vetro
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The system consists of horizontal strapping machine, squarer, top pal and a shrink wrapping machine with four columns. The entire packaging process gives stability and security to the package in every situation, a perfectly ordered and sealed appearance, and minimizes the risk of product damage during all packaging phases. The horizontal strapping machine stabilizes each layer of bottles, and the combined shrink wrapping machine positions the heat-shrinkable film with four grips that guarantee a perfect attachment to the edge of the pallet before shrinking. Everything is designed to promote maximum energy savings in all phases.

zignago vetro
Technical characteristics
Horizontal strapping machines
Shrink wrapping machines with four columns
Top Pal
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