05 Октябрь 2017

Extra large ceramic tiles, inclined strapping operations

#solutions/Extra large ceramic tiles


Messersì Packaging has conceived and produced a packaging line for extra large ceramic tiles with special strapping operations that take advantage of solidity and safety of the inclined position. The solution developed for a leading company in the ceramic industry allows you to  safely handle and storage large size ceramic tiles. 

The system maximizes the efficiency and reliability of the packaging, uses one special TL5 strapping machine where the head advancement follows the angle of tiles and realizes a perfect bonding. The strapping operation, which repeats to cover the whole length of the tile, varies depending on the product; when the cycle is over, the machine returns to its starting position and waits for the next call. The TL5 strapping machines use  a double coil, it guarantees system efficiency and safety for the operator during the changes. The stability achieved with the inclined strapping operation can be accompanied by a wrapping operation protecting against atmospheric agents and environmental damage. The wrapping operation can be carried out by automatic or semi automatic machines depending on productivity.


Extra large ceramic tiles