Made for a European group present in all world markets that works and produces buildingmaterials and ceramics for furnishing and design. Production takes place in different industrial sites in Central and Eastern Europe. For the production center in Czechoslovakia a dedicated plant has been designed and built that combines strapping, capping and shrinking with corner pieces to protect the pack, making the product stable and protected, ready to be handled and stored safely.

# lösungen / keramik / kombinierten technologien


The packaging system is carried out in various phases: horizontal and vertical strapping with compaction; hood for protection from atmospheric agents; heat shrinking to ensure maximum mechanical strength of the pack. In the process the pallet is centered on the transport thanks to an electromechanical device that moves it to the horizontal strapping machine, applies protective corners and carries out three horizontal straps. Subsequently, the vertical strapping machine with rotary table makes it possible to rotate the product to perform strapping on both sides and fix the product to the pallet. At the same time, the hooding machine prepares and positions the tubular film on the product and finally the oven with four latest-generation gas burners with hot blown air emission, performs the heat-shrinking process that completely envelops the pallet with a hydraulic lift.

Caratteristiche tecniche
Macchina reggiatrice orizzontale con mettiangolare
Macchina reggiatrice verticale
Macchina incappucciatrice
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