The strapping head MV300 was patented by Messersì to provide maximum reliability and functionality ensuring limited wear of spare parts.

ms300 chiusa


The welding by vibration is carried out for the fusion of the two surfaces in contact. The welding method is a clutch for which there is no heat input from outside but this comes from the dissipation of the energy produced by friction. The increase of local temperature required for the process is obtained by friction that melts the two pieces to be welded. In the cooling step the two pieces remain welded under pressure. On the piece subjected to movement, a pushing pressure is applied so as to maintain in contact the parts to be joined during the welding process.

Technical data
Sealing of the strap Friction system
Installed electrical power 0,75 kW
Suitable strapping band width 8 ÷ 19 mm thickness 0,5 ÷ 1 mm
Cycle time: from 1,2 to 3 sec (according to tensioning)
Tensioning: Up to 300 kg
Supplied voltage 400 V three-phase 50Hz
Feeding and recovery speed 2,5 ÷ 5,5 m/sec
Tensioning speed From 0,10 m/sec to 0,25 m/sec
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