SMALL SIZES: easy to maintenance

MAXIMUM FIRMNESS: few parts and obtained from solid metal

MAXIMUM RELIABILITY: tensioning up to 250 kg

RETROFIT: can be retrofitted in every existing machine

INNOVATIVE CONTROL DEVICES: predictive maintenance

ms40 compatta
MS40 con uomo


Less than 40 kg weight; It is small and lightweight; its small size facilitates the dismantling, replacement and maintenance. It is the strapping head MS40 efficent and essential, designed and built for maximum precision and speed.

Tensioning up to 250 kg, with an high seal efficiency reaching up to 90%.

The constituent groups are inside a strong aluminium made frame, the open caseing ensures the easy servicer on-site and protection of every parts. An advantage of the feeding system is the possibility to use of strapping band with different widths avoiding subsequent adjustments..

Technical data
Strapping band junction Heat-welding system
Installed electrical power 0,4 kW
Suitable strapping band PET/PP width 8 ÷ 16 mm
Sizes 495 x 250x 260 mm
Seal efficiency Fino al 90%
Strapping band tensioning Fino a 250 kg
Supplied voltage 230 volt
Feeding and recovery speed fino a 9 m/sec
Weight 40 kg
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