This line was produced for a European leader in printing marketing brochures for the retail segment. The customer needed to stabilize 100 pallets a day, 24/24 and be sure his loads would arrive without problems to all their European customers. They wanted to have a perfect tracking of each pallet and wanted to have the possibility to feed the line by manual and electrical transpallets on 3 different infeed stations. On each station the pallets are scanned before entering the packaging line. A shuttle car connects the 3 infeed stations to the main line where each pallet will have a weight check, a size control and a height control.

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#solutions/brochures/stabilize 24 hours per day

#solutions/brochures/stabilize 24 hours per day

The customer can decide what kind of finishing each single pallets will need. He can apply automatically a top sheet on a pallet, strap the pallet and stretchwrap the pallet. Each of those packaging solutions can be combined depending the desire and needs of the customer.

At the end of the line we will know from each pallet the final destination and all details are inserted in their above laying WMS system.

Speed, flexibility and reliability were the main reasons to decide to buy this solution that Messersi srl could offer them.

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